• We can repair printing cylinders for almost any press.
    We can make your old cylinders look like new by repairing:
    nicks and dings
    bent or scored journals
    re-chrome cylinder body
    replace bearers

  • We can repair side frame bores for any press.
    Send your frames to our facility to be repaired
    Re-bore holes in the field with our portable boring bar.

We can rebuild your Didde print units.
Repair or replace cylinders
new bearings and/or bearing housing
new gears and rollers
We will inspect and recommend repairs
We can make it print as good as new!

Our Engineers can reverse engineer any cylinder or print cartridge.

Reversed Engineered
Man Roland Cartoman 44" wide print cartridges

Reverse Engineered Hamilton 36" x 40" Perf Cartridge

Cylinder and Gear Repair Goebel 22" x 30" Print Cartridge

Add Slots to Existing Perf Cylinders

During the last twelve months, we have repaired over 100 different cartridges, cylinders, gearboxes, and folders for customers such as: Willamette, Deluxe, Print Xcel, Standard Register, 
Reynolds & Reynolds, Riverwood, Graphic Packaging


Our State of the Art 100,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped with precision machinery and 
staffed with highly qualified machinists with an average of 20 years experience 
in producing cylinders, gears, rollers, and side frames for the Graphic Arts Industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Pfauter Gear Hob

Cincinnati Milicron CNC Lathe

Datson Gundrill

Slotter Mill

  • General Capabilities

    All types of Plate, Blanket, Impression, Perforation, and Hard Anvil Cylinders (hollow and solid construction)
    Turn and grind up to 17" OD size and 100" length
    Ground tolerances within .0005 inches
    Concentricity’s of .0003 inch Machine Tools Utilized in Cylinder Production
    G&L Endomatic Face and Center (10.5"OD x 84" length)
    Cincinnati Manual Engine Lathe (9.5" OD x54" length)
    Datson Gundrill (96" depth)
    Cincinnati Milacron CNC Shaft Lathe
    Cincinnati Horizontal Mill with M&M Indexer (26" x 144" table)
    Danobat OD Grinder (20" OD x 96" length capacity)
    Cincinnati OD Grinder (10"OD x 72" length)
    Toshiba BMC 1000 Horizontal Machining Center (79" x 49" x 47")
    G&L Horizontal Boring Mill (48" x 86" table)
    MIG, TIG, and Heilarc Welding

  • Side Frame Large Horizontal Machining
    General Capabilities

    Large cube machining capability (79" x 49" x 47")
    Linear positioning accuracy of less than .0002"
    Repeatability of .00008"
    Four axis capability Machine Tools Utilized in Side Frame Production
    Toshiba BMC 1000 Horizontal Machining Center
    39" x 39" pallets, 120 tools, part probing, self inspection capability
    G&L #4 Machining Boring Mill
    Table working surface 48" x 86"
    48" x 48" indexing table

  • Hardened Bearer, Bearing Housings and Rotary Punch Reel Manufacturing
    General Capabilities

    Ground tolerances within .0005 inches
    65 Rockwell C hardness
    Housing to frame fits of .0003
    Machine Tools Utilized in Bearer, Housing, and Rotary Punch Production
    Monarch VMC-75 Vertical Machining Center with M&M Indexer
    K&T 180 Horizontal Machining Center (20" cube)
    Cutoff Saw (20" diameter capacity)

  • Gear Manufacturing

    General Capabilities
    Guaranteed AGMA Class 10 spur and helical gears from 3 to 20 inches in diameter
    Utilize Class AA precision ground hobs
    All gears are red line checked and wax coated prior to shipment
    Machine Tools Utilized in Gear Production
    Pfauter Gear Hob (20" dia)
    Heald ID Grinder
    ABA Surface Grinder (24"x24"x100")
    Davis Keyseater
    Mazak VQC20 CNC Vertical Machining Center (20"x39"x10")
    Monarch TC-2 CNC Lathe (18?chuck size)
    Cincinnati Milacron #12 CNC Bar Lathe

  • Special Processes Availability

    Plating: Chrome, Electroless Nickel, and Copper
    Heat Treating; stress relieving, flame hardening, carbonization, and induction hardening
    Balancing; static and dynamic
    Rubber covering